Research and Innovation

Our pioneering R&I department is behind the market launch of many milk-based ingredients with exciting functional and nutritional properties. All designed to meet your business challenges.

At our advanced application facilities, we have the equipment and expertise to engineer highly innovative ingredients. Our small-scale production set-up makes it possible to test new ingredients thoroughly, thereby lowering your costs and drastically shortening the time to market of your new product.

Our highly qualified technicians, engineers and biochemists work closely with leading universities, technical institutes and other food industry partners.

The process
Our innovative process consists of five steps that we master to perfection:

Pre-treatment of raw material
Pre-treatment of milk or whey: denaturing, bacterial status, and chemical/compositional changes 

Product composition
Creation of the right composition of milk components, primarily by separation techniques, such as membrane filtration: MF, UF, nano, RO, - and chromatography 

Creation of functionality or nutritional value by enzymatic treatment, controlled denaturation and homogenisation 

Concentration of the modified components, primarily by membrane filtration, evaporation and spray drying 

Application of the modified dried ingredients to obtain nutritional or functional benefits. Chemical and functional analyses are carried out to ensure the desired effect is achieved.

Customer focus
Close cooperation with colleagues in our functional milk protein, nutrition and permeate/lactose business areas ensures all new product development projects have a clear customer focus. Continuous dialogue with our manufacturing plants is key to smooth project implementation.