Talking Point Issue 47

Building what it takes to be your first choice. The success of every business depends on its ability to deliver products and services of a quality that customers both value and are willing to pay for.

So, for us at Arla Foods Ingredients, it’s good to see the results of our recent customer survey. More than 90% of the customers who participated state that we improve their competitiveness to a greater or lesser extent. Some 40% also name us as their preferred supplier.

But the results also show there is no time to rest on our laurels. One of our priorities right now is to follow up on the areas where customers have identified room for improvement or new opportunities for growth.

Roughly a third of the customers interviewed state they currently have no preferred supplier. This tells us that, in some areas, we still need to do more to make our products and services stand out – and give customers a reason to make us their first choice.

New commercial organisation
Recently we introduced a new commercial set-up based on the key mega trends that are shaping our future. We believe this will keep us moving in the right direction towards our strategic ambitions within health nutrition and other food sectors.

As a customer, you should experience a more agile, high-performing service and an improved ability to address market needs for value-added as well as standard products.

The journey towards ‘Quality starts here’
Strengthening our responsiveness to customer needs is also part of our ‘Quality starts here’ journey and was recently put to the test by an outbreak of avian flu in the USA, which has hit egg supplies. Here we have been able to support bakers with our whey protein egg replacers as a clean-label alternative.

Other areas where we aim to make a difference include our work with proteins for weight management and our R&D project to assure the consistent powder quality of our dry-blend lactose.

Talking Point gives an insight into what we are doing to develop our capabilities as a reliable and innovative partner.

Please read on and enjoy.

Henrik H Andersen