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Supporting immune maturation
The whey protein osteopontin has been identified in human milk whereas only small quantities are present in bovine milk. As a consequence infant formulas have a significantly lower content of osteopontin than human breast milk which may impact areas like immune development.

Osteopontin is a heavily phosphorylated, acidic glycoprotein with strong calcium-binding properties. At Arla Foods Ingredients we can provide you with an 89% pure form of osteopontin, Lacprodan® OPN-10, the first osteopontin product on the market.

Preliminary research suggests that osteopontin plays a part in the development of infant immune functions, promoting maturation of the immune system and protecting against pathogenic infections. The addition of Lacprodan® OPN-10 to an infant formula may encourage similar immune modulation in formula-fed infants compared to breastfed infants. It therefore could be the missing link in infant formulas to deliver immune protection similar to human milk.

Benefits associated with osteopontin:

  • Natural role in infant immune development
  • Induces expression of cytokines important for protective immunity
  • Reduces rotavirus severity

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we hold several patents for production and application of osteopontin.

Osteopontin - product range:

  • Lacprodan® OPN-10: osteopontin fractionated from bovine milk. Osteopontin content of protein is min  89% and 88% (as is) protein concentrate approx. dry matter


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