Fast ripe

The same cheese – just faster

It takes time to produce traditional cheeses with a distinctive taste, texture and appearance. Depending on the cheese type, the ripening process lasts anything from a few weeks to a year. That calls for expensive storage.

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we have developed our functional milk protein Nutrilac® FastRipe to speed up ripening and cut your storage costs – without impacting the characteristic quality and shelf life of your cheese.

Simply add Nutrilac® FastRipe to the cheese milk, and follow your usual cheese-making process. The only difference is that your cheese is ready for sale weeks earlier than before. And at much lower cost.

Higher yield, better quality …
Our Nutrilac® solutions provide a series of opportunities for full and reduced-fat cheese. In yellow cheese, pasta filata, mould-ripened cheese and traditional feta, we can help you improve your yield and optimise quality – benefits you’ll soon recognise on your bottom line.

.... also in low-fat cheese
In low-fat cheese production, Nutrilac® overcomes common defects, such as a hard, rubbery texture, unappealing translucent appearance and 10-30% lower yield. Even cheese with just 10% fat can have the same creaminess and smooth texture as a full-fat alternative.