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Greek-style yoghurt

Greek-style yoghurt on a standard yoghurt line

Go deliciously Greek-style – fast Greek-style yoghurt is a booming consumer trend. But, for yoghurt producers that lack the specialised equipment, entering the market is an expensive business. Until now, that is.

Using our Nutrilac® functional milk proteins in combination with our specially devised ‘quick process’, you can produce delicious Greek-style yoghurt on a standard yoghurt line – and with a protein content right up to 10%.

At the same time, you can avoid the acid whey waste that accompanies traditional Greek yoghurt production. Almost all the milk you put in at the start of the process is used in the final product.

Ask about our tailored Nutrilac® solutions for non-fat, full-fat, drinking and long-life Greek-style yoghurts.

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