Calcium enrichment

Delicious bakes with added calcium

Nutritional benefits in small meals are an increasing focus in the market due to spreading health and wellness trends. This means that more segments are looking for easy solutions to consume more beneficial nutrients in one meal in order to stay fit and healthy.

Calcium is an important mineral in our everyday diet. Using Capolac® from Arla Foods Ingredients, you can supplement your bakery products with calcium from whey – the most bioavailable source.

Bread, cookies and biscuits are all suitable for calcium enrichment. Once fully dissolved, the calcium has no impact on taste and, in cookies, supports the short crumb texture.

Research has documented the contribution of calcium to strong bones and teeth, a well-functioning nervous system and good heart function.


  • Bioavailable whey calcium
  • Easy to add
  • Neutral taste
  • No change in bakery processes

With our snack cake solution you can present a snack cake with 200 mg of calcium, same as ¼ of the recommended daily intake, while allowing you to claim bone health and calcium enrichment on product packaging.





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