Egg free

Arla Foods Ingredients’ Nutrilac® whey protein egg replacers offer an unbeatable alternative to eggs in a range of products, including cakes, muffins, donuts, cookies, pastries and brownies. They are tailor-made to each application to guarantee the best results possible, at a stable and cost-effective price.

With our functional milk proteins you have the possibility of replacement egg white and whole eggs while obtaining the essential benefits of egg in your cakes.
Nutrilac® enables you to define your own egg reduced or egg free cake structure, and stabilise the batter in your production with no extra efforts.
Nutrilac® is a solid egg replacer that will not only provide structure but also more moist to your cakes. Just by using our protein solution for egg free baking you can reduce crumbliness and improve shelf life because of Nutrilac®’s water-binding and texture simulating capabilities.

Whey protein egg replacers from Arla Foods Ingredients are easy to use in production with no pre-blending or cooling required. They also offer a longer microbiological shelf life than eggs – up to 18 months stored at room temperature. Refrigeration is not required, which is an important advantage over both liquid and powder eggs because it reduces waste.


  • Better/dough stability
  • Texture
  • Resilience and springiness
  • Less crumbliness
  • Moistness
  • Softness

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