Protein enrichment

As consumers are increasingly looking for high protein foods, bakery manufacturers are also looking toward options of protein enrichment in bakery.

To qualify for a ‘source of protein’ claim within the EU, protein must provide at least 12% of the energy value of a bakery product. For a ‘high protein’ claim, 20% of the energy value must derive from protein.

Whether you are making cakes, breads, bars, biscuits or crispy snacks, Nutrilac® has functionalities that can help you increase the protein content in your product, without compromising on taste or texture.

When increasing the protein content in bakery products the end product tends to get dry and crumbly with less taste. With Nutrilac®’s water-binding capacity you will maintain a great taste and a soft, moist mouthfeel.


  • High quality product
  • Nutritional value
  • Higher protein content
  • Taste maintenance

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