Mama nutrition

Pregnancy is a time of joy and change for women, and it requires an increased attention to the daily diet.

A healthy diet and lifestyle during pregnancy can support the healthy growth and cognitive development of the baby; while it can reduce the risk of common adverse pregnancy complications and discomforts. Both maternal underweight and overweight increase the risk of developing acute and chronic diseases for both the mom to be and her baby.

The maternal nutrition category is growing rapidly due to the raising number of health aware consumers and the mounting scientific evidence of the importance of a healthy nutrition during pregnancy for the mom and the baby.

Millennial moms are the majority of new moms giving birth to 80% of babies born today. They are a health conscious group that is focused on nutrition, safety, and convenience and are willing to pay a premium for products that fulfill their needs. Arla Foods Ingredients offers several solutions that match the millennial moms’ quest for health, safety and convenience to support her throughout the pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

The diet must supply all the building blocks needed to support the mom’s nutritional requirements and promote a healthy development of the baby. To secure optimal growth, extra protein is needed for the development of the fetus, placenta, and maternal tissues. Arla Foods Ingredients has several ingredients that are highly suitable to cover the increased protein requirements during pregnancy. Whey protein is a superior source of high quality protein with a high level of essential amino acids. Additionally, it is easy to digest, which meets the challenge of discomfort often seen during pregnancy. Whey protein also improves the blood sugar level and increases satiety. 

Supplementation of calcium to pregnant women with low calcium intake reduces the risk of maternal bone loss and pregnancy complications. In addition, calcium is important to secure optimal bone and teeth mineralization in fetal life for a healthy development of the baby. The ingredient Capolac® has a high content of milk calcium (> 24%) and a calcium phosphate composition similar to bone and teeth.

Phospholipids (PL) and gangliosides are bioactive lipids important for cognitive development in early infancy. Animal studies have demonstrated that gangliosides are capable of crossing the placenta making it a relevant nutrient during pregnancy. Lacprodan® PL-20 is a milk protein concentrate rich in PL, and is a source of gangliosides and choline supporting a healthy development of the baby.

Lacprodan® whey protein, Capolac® and Lacprodan® PL-20 are ingredients that supply the building blocks for a healthy pregnancy and can be used in food solutions such as bars, drinks and powders that match the modern urban mom’s product preferences.

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Using infant formulas is second to breastfeeding, a fact supported by WHO. This information is for professional use only.

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